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Last Weeks Program:

Program:  ​​Dr. Billy Hahs, Jr. and Dr. Sharon Hahs, the upcoming Total Eclipse​

Dr. Billy Hahs, Jr. and Dr. Sharon Hahs who have been chasing eclipses since 1991 gave us information about the Total Eclipse that will occur in Missouri on August 21.  Billy has a Phd. in history and a law degree and was a public defender.  Sharon has a Phd. in chemistry and is President Emerita of Northeastern Illinois University but Eclipses have been their passion since they attended their first one in Costa Rica in 1991. Unfortunately as it rained they were not actually able to witness the eclipse but they were hooked.  Over the years, they have traveled around the world to be part of 14 eclipses, of which they have actually seen 11.  (In addition to rain in Costa Rica, they had snow in Mongolia and clouds in Ethiopia.)  Contrary to the photographs we have all seen the sky is not black during a total eclipse, it is a dark blue similar to dusk.  Sharon photographs the eclipses and Billy paints them (carrying numerous shades of blue so he can match the actual color).  Eclipses happen when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. Although the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, the moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun.  Small and close blocks out big and far.  They explained what we will see when totality occurs:  We will  see a red ring for a split second, we will see the corona as a bright circle around the dark moon and we will see Baily's beads representing the sunlight showing through the canyons on the moon.  In Missouri maximum totality will be about 2 minutes 40 seconds.  Sunset Hills will have about 1 minute 40 seconds. It will take about 1 1/2 hours from first contact (when the moon first begins to block out the sun) until totality.  You do not need to wear glasses during totality but you definitely need eclipse glasses the rest of the time.  You need to protect the eclipse glasses and not allow them to get scratched.  If you can't get glasses, #14 welding glass will work. Historically, eclipses have been very scary and have been the stuff of legend.  In Buddhist countries, the monks chant and people honk their horns.  The ironic thing about this eclipse for Billy and Sharon is that rather than travel to some exotic location to be part of the eclipse, they will be able to witness it on the family farm  in Sedgewickville, MO and will be hosting an eclipse party for family and friends that day.  Information on the 2017 Eclipse can be found at, and


Upcoming Programs:

July 6:  Christina Mendoza, Lindbergh HS ELL, How Lindbergh is serving kids whose first language is not English

July 13:  Amy Rager, Our Lady's Inn

July 20:  Janelle Madi or Angela Brunette, Baskets of Hope

July 27:  Craig Hamby, Principal of the new Dressel School opening this fall