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Some of our newer members may be curious about these Gourmet Nuts that are at Nolan Interiors.

The Gourmet Nuts Fund Raiser has become our 2nd biggest fund raiser after the Golf Tournament.  Each year we purchase a quantity of gourment nuts for re-sale.  The Gourmet Nuts are cans of top quality nuts that consist of cashews, hazelnuts, almonds (natural & blanched).  They contain no peanuts.  They really are delicious especially when they come out of a newly opened can.  Last year the cans were 36 oz each.  We sell the cans for $25 each.  Each case contains 6 cans and of course sells for $150.  Members are encouraged to take a case and sell them to friends and family or give them as gifts.  They are a great gift during the Holiday Season!  Nobody is forced to pay for a case that they can't sell.  As Nolan Interiors is storing the nuts as a favor to us, we want to minimize their disruption, so we are asking members to pick up only full cases at Nolan.  Jim Sayler and Brent Stewart will also have cases available and will have them at the meetings for those who can't get to Nolan.  If you do not want a full case, you can get individual cans from Brent.  If you take a full case and can't sell them, you can give the leftover cans to Brent as well.  

They really are great to eat AND they are nutricious!!  (I have compiled research to back that up!)

Once somebody buys a can, they often become repeat customers year after year.