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Last Weeks Program:


Program:  World Pediatric Stroke Association

Jessica Spear, Founder and President World Pediatric Stroke Association told us about her organization and informed us about childhood strokes.  Jessica is a Mizzou grad and a former St. Louis County Police Officer.  She formed the World Pediatric Stroke Association to bring awareness to childhood strokes as her son Brendon was a stroke victim before birth and was born with very little ability to use the right side of his body.  Jessica noticed that he favored his left side and did everything with his left hand as well as other things, but as it was her first baby, she wasn't sure.  As he got older and she could tell something wasn't right, she struggled to convince the doctors that there was something wrong but to no avail.  Brendon was not diagnosed until he was 19 months old.  Pediatric stroke comes in 2 types:  Newborn (prenatal) and Age 1 month to 18 years.  1 baby in 2,300 live births has suffered a stroke compared t0 1 in 1,000 suffering from Down's Syndrome and 1 in 7,000 suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.  It is one of the top 10 causes of childhood death and has been linked to cerebral palsy.  Because of her experience, she has made it her mission to raise awareness of pediatric stroke so that it can be diagnosed and treated more quickly.  She told us about Noah in TX who collapsed on his school playground and was misdiagnosed as having a concussion.  His condition worsened and by the time his mother called 911 it was too late.  He coded in the ambulance and died in the hospital.    Brendon is 12 now and in 6th Grade and has struggled over the years but has become his own best advocate.   She is basically a one person organization but  has testified before Congress and is a resource for the big stroke associations who have not seen fit thus far to give this medical condition the visibility it needs.  She would like to see pediatric stroke become much more well known.  

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Nov 9:    Michele Thomas historian, WWII War Brides

Nov 16:   Lisa Marin and Builders Club Officers

Nov 22:   Joint Meeting with Rotary at Viking.  Judy Erslon, USA Cares-Honor Glow

Nov 30:   Julie Berman and Key Club Officers